Logo Files by Business

Download logos from each of our businesses.

We have provided, for your convenience, digital files of WarnerMedia's business logos.

Each logo is a unique, specially created piece of artwork and must never be typeset or recreated. The elements of the logo must always appear in their fixed relationship, which may not be altered, adjusted or modified in any way.

The five provided files are in EPS format, suitable for all high quality printing. These files are in vector format and can be scaled up or down without loss of quality. We have also provided a zip file of all of the logos in their various forms.


Home Box Office


Warner Bros. Entertainment

Otter Media

We have also provided digital files that display our main business logos (Tier 1) and many other companies under the WarnerMedia umbrella. Just as is the case with our logo files above, these files are only to be used by those who have received permission from the Corporate Communications department.

Tier 1 logo lockup (.ZIP)